Veg invasion coming your way!


Eat Them To Defeat Them!

Vegetables are the star of a new TV advertising campaign hoping to capture the imagination of 7-13 year olds to get them to eat more veg.

Watch the ad here

Thanks to the crowdfunding efforts of the Food Foundation, Veg Power, a marketing team specifically for vegetables was born to address the fact that only 1.2% of the current food and drink advertising spend is on fruit and veg.

“95% of our kids are not eating enough veg and we’re on a mission to fix it”

Veg Power has joined forces with the UK’s major supermarkets and Birds Eye to launch the campaign that aims to get children eating more healthily in a bid to tackle rising childhood obesity.

Taking a significantly different approach in strategy, the Eat Them To Defeat Them campaign has deliberately left out any talk of the health benefits of greens or the importance of getting your five-a-day. It instead plays to the fact that children tend to think vegetables are “gross”.


Veg activity everywhere

To coincide with the advertising campaign they are reaching out to businesses and local communities to get involved. In schools, on social media, in children’s magazines, and in supermarkets there will be some sort of veg-based activity going on, including veg of the week for the duration of the campaign. This kicks off on Monday 4th February, starting with carrots.


Feeling creative?

We love veg and we know you do too, so join in the fun conversation on social media and help us to share any weird and wonderful veg pictures you might have and delicious veg recipes too. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #EatThemToDefeatThem and tag us in too @btnhovefood

If you want to find out more about the campaign (including the timetable for veg of the week) or want to know how to get involved further (the campaign runs from Jan 25th to Apr 14th) then please contact


Did you know we’re aiming to be a Veg City?  

Lots has happened since making our joint pledge with the city council to become a Veg City in October 2017:

  • The city council has committed to getting primary school pupils to consume their veg. Last summer we trialled Veg Power Pots in a primary school – pots of raw veg sticks offered at lunch, so the children could choose whether they ate cooked or raw veg. This followed a food waste audit at primary schools which showed that vegetables were the most wasted food and that pupils had a preference for raw veg.
  • Lidl, Brighton & Hove City Council and the University of Brighton are working together to better understand the circumstances and potential barriers facing low-income families in East Brighton with regards to eating veg.
  • We’ve run the first Making Veg the Star of the Plate cookery session at the Community Kitchen with staff from Early Years settings to help them to include veg in breakfasts, snacks and desserts. Two further sessions are planned for secondary schools and food businesses/takeaways.
  • We’ve delivered a training session for staff working with homeless people about diet which included ideas on how to increase veg consumption amongst vulnerably-housed people. Via work with FareShare and Brighton Housing Trust we have been increasing the amount of fruit and veg that is distributed to homelessness projects.
  • Children’s Centres continue to run a campaign to increase the uptake of Healthy Start Vouchers and will deliver cookery classes with take home recipe cards demonstrating the range of meals that can be cooked using Healthy Start Veg packs.
  • Cookery sessions with pupils from five local primary schools have started at the Community Kitchen and recipes will feature the veg of the week.
  • Actions to help us become a Veg City were also weaved throughout the new citywide Food Strategy Action Plan which launched in November 2018. Our citywide approach to helping everyone to eat more veg is a key part of our bid to become a gold Sustainable Food City #goldfoodcitybid
  • Members of the citywide Good Food Procurement Group have also been adapting recipes they serve to make sure they have added veg and many have also committed to serving two portions of veg with every main meal at no extra cost.
  • Food outlets at the Take Part Festival were challenged to create healthier menus on their stalls which included an extra portion of veg.


Read more about how we are taking a citywide approach to helping everyone to eat more veg.


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