Yes You Can-Uary in January

Make a new start in 2017 by volunteering for one of our inspirational projects

by Jo Glazebrook, Volunteer Coordinator

It’s halfway through January already so a little late to be suggesting things to give up or change to make a ‘New You’. Instead I’d like to encourage you to stay exactly the same but to add something into your life instead of taking something away.

A good start to 2017 was pretty much sealed for me last week when someone got in touch asking for advice about where they could volunteer that week as, in their words, ‘Southern Rail won’t let me go anywhere’.  Brilliant. Anyone else in a similar situation, with extra time on your hands, or looking for things that you possibly CAN do, here are some ideas.

Brighton and Hove is full of inspiring food projects and activities and there are ways that everyone can get involved by volunteering at a community garden, supporting a lunch club or getting involved in a surplus food project. There are significant health and wellbeing benefits, as well as fun to be had by getting involved.

In addition to that, I can pretty much guarantee you will be volunteering in environments devoid of post truths / fake news / fact checkers / voting / swiping left or right/ delays / price increases.  What you are likely to find are places where people are working towards practical solutions, full of possibilities and hope, environments where you can seek harmony and compatibility, where systems are designed and built to sustain and thrive.   And you don’t need to give anything up to be part of that – you can just carry on being your amazing self.

You can find lots of information about volunteering here or you can contact me for a chat or arrange an advice session to get some more information. 01273 431716 /

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