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The Community Kitchen is fully equipped and spacious with areas for demonstrations, cooking stations and tables for dining/ food preparation.

jamie from cincin chef in cookery school kitchen with group of studentsThe main teaching area of the kitchen has 7 domestic cookery stations (one for a leader and 6 for participants, with space for people to work around both sides of the U-shaped layout – see virtual tour below), one of which is height-adjustable/ wheelchair accessible.

Our kitchen was designed by Claire Potter, an interior architect and award-winning designer who specialises in sustainable design to ensure we reduce our environmental impact. The kitchen includes a balance of quality, new kitchen equipment alongside recycled and reused materials. The design prioritises accessibility and flexibility – from specialist accessible cookery equipment to adaptable areas for dining and food preparation.

Typically 12-20 participants cooking, depending on the activity. We can accommodate up to 40 people standing.

Our capacity is now reduced due to Covid-19 safety measures but exact figures depend on the type of activity and how many households are attending the event. Please contact us to discuss.

Detailed list of facilities:

  • dining table and chairs6 x 90cm induction hobs (with 5 rings each)
  • 1 x 60cm induction hob (with 5 rings each)
  • 4 electric ovens (large, 73L capacity)
  • 1 food prep sink
  • 1 washing up sink
  • 1 hand wash sink
  • 1 dishwasher
  • 2 small and 1 large refrigerator
  • 1 adjustable height worktop (suitable for young / disabled users)
  • Space for tea/ coffee/ refreshments
  • Extendable dining/ prep table for up to 18 people
  • Wifi access
  • Branded Community Kitchen/ BHFP aprons
  • Cutlery, crockery, glasses etc
  • See our Kitchen Kit List for more details.

View a virtual tour below:


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