Community Fridge

A community fridge is a tried and tested way of stopping good food ending up in the bin.  It is housed in a public, accessible place making surplus food freely available to anyone who wants it. The surplus food is provided by local businesses or members of the public.

Community fridge

Hubbub Community Fridge © Lucy Young

Anyone can pick up the food for free, they are not policed and the operation is based on trust.

The fridge has strict monitoring guidelines, based on advice from the Food Standards Agency and the Council’s Environmental Health team, to ensure it has the highest quality standards.

There are community fridges based at Phoenix Community Centre, the Old Boat Community Centre and Weald Allotments.

Have you got surplus food and would like to drop it off?

If you are a business who has food leftover at the end of the day, perhaps you could consider dropping it in to the Community Fridge?  It is an opportunity for your business to contribute positive social impact; supporting the local community, in particularly individuals who are in financial hardship.  You would also be helping your business become zero waste.

Are you an individual who has some surplus food?  Perhaps an enthusiastic allotmenteer who has too many broad beans?

We can accept things like:

food waste stat

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  • Sealed packaged foods
  • Cooked food from a registered food business
  • Cheeses
  • Fresh fruit
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Table sauces
  • Pastry
  • Unopened milk & yoghurt
  • Unopened fruit juices
  • Salads
  • Eggs (with dates)

We can’t accept:

  • Cooked food from your home or unregistered sources
  • Cooked food that doesn’t have a use-by date
  • Cooked rice
  • Pates
  • Bean sprouts
  • Food made from unpasteurised milk

If you are a registered food business and want to drop off your leftovers we need to know the date it was cooked, ingredients list, allergen information and reheating instructions.

If you have large amounts of surplus food there are lots of other organisations that take food donations.  Please visit our donating food webpage.

Would you like some free food?

You can visit the Community Fridge as often as you like.  Anyone who needs some food can pick some up. We ask that people are considerate of the needs of others and only take what is fair.

If you need access to other free or low cost food please look at our food poverty webpages.

Can I set up a Community Fridge?

If you are interested in setting up a fridge or want to find out more contact Helen Starr-Keddle on 07850 002596 / 01273 234810 or

Can I take more action on surplus food?

Do you get frustrated about all the food that goes to waste?  Would you like to volunteer to help food that would otherwise go to waste get to people who need it?  There are lots of different volunteer opportunities on Surplus Food Projects in Brighton & Hove.

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