Living Vital

The Living Vital project is about reconnecting with our bodies, our food and each other.

They have developed a community food growing project called Common Ground, a welcoming space in nature for refugees and migrants to learn and share knowledge about food growing, cooking, and other land-based skills and to meet new people. The project sits on a quarter-acre of Soil Association certified organic land, as part of Stanmer Organics cooperative in Stanmer Park, Brighton.



• Every Tuesday and Saturday – 10am - 4pm

Who is it for?:

Everyone. We are working to create a safe space for refugees and migrants to be in nature, enjoy organic sustainable food growing and cook produce and share food stories. It is also a space for everyone to come and feel welcome and build a community of food growers.


For project – Alexandra Cotter & Nick Grist – Project Managers

To volunteer – Maozya Murray – Volunteer Coordinator



Stanmer Organics
United Kingdom

Living Vital

Stanmer Organics, Brighton, United Kingdom

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