Mutual Aid Vegan Food Bank

Based in Brighton, in the back building of Cowley Club, London Road, opposite  the Co-op. Come through the frontTins at a food bank door and ask Cowley volunteers at the bar to direct you to the back building if you have never been before.

Operates a non-referral system, you will only need to have a quick chat with volunteers and you can pick up your food parcel.
All the food and toiletries served are vegan but they do not require people to be vegan in order to receive the parcel.

From 12.30 till 2.30 PM in Cowley club there is also the Jolof Cafe, serving delicious African vegan dishes on pay what you can basis, so you can grab yourself a nice, cheap meal as well.


  • Tuesdays

Open every Tuesday from 1pm - 5pm


Contact for more info.  Or ring 01273 696104 for The Cowley Club


The Cowley Club
12 London Road
Brighton BN1 4JA
United Kingdom

Mutual Aid Vegan Food Bank

The Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton BN1 4JA, United Kingdom

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