Natal Road Composting

This scheme is currently accepting new members. Please contact the Food Partnership to join this scheme. 

We help set-up and support community compost schemes across the city, in partnership with Brighton & Hove City Council.

A great way to reduce food waste is to compost your leftovers. We can help you set-up at home or join one of the many community compost schemes across the city.

We currently support over 25 schemes, in parks, allotments and community gardens, with over 1,000 households taking part. Compost produced from these schemes has been used in parks, community gardens and food growing projects in local schools.

If you don’t have a suitable outside space to compost at home, becoming a member of a community composting scheme is a practical solution to keep your food waste out of the bin and turn it into a valuable, usable resource.

How it works

Each site is managed by volunteers and its sustainability is dependent on the participation of its members so you will be asked to give the compost a turn with another scheme member roughly once a year.

Don’t worry if you haven’t composted before, you will get plenty of advice and information and many schemes say this is a great way of connecting with and getting to know neighbours and members of their community. You may also find our Community Composting FAQs helpful.

Join a site

Find your nearest compost site on our directory map (select ‘composting’ under type of project).

Or find out how to start a new community compost site and become a compost monitor.

Enquiries currently closed:

Unfortunately our community composting schemes are currently all full to capacity (except Natal Road and Park Crescent schemes).

We are reviewing this regularly so please sign-up to our email list for updates when sites re-open for new members. The funding for this project comes from Brighton & Hove City Council, if you would like to see an increase in resources to open new sites and maintain the current ones, please contact your local councillor. Below is some suggested wording and please copy if you send a message.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Sample letter to a councillor

Dear (insert councillor name).

I have tried to join my local community composting scheme but it and the others in my area are full. This scheme is funded by the council and run as a partnership between Cityclean, the Food Partnership and a team of local volunteers who look after each scheme.

Currently 1000 households living in areas of the city without gardens use the Community Compost scheme for their fruit and vegetable waste diverting this from the household waste collection and producing compost for use in local schools, community gardens and parks. I would like this project to be further resourced to increase capacity for more households to be able to compost their waste.


Mithras House
Lewes Rd
Brighton BN2 4AT

Natal Road Composting

Mithras House, Lewes Rd, Brighton BN2 4AT, UK

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