Stanmer Organics Fruits

patch of strawberriesWe are a new group renovating a half-acre fruit plot that has mature loganberry canes, currant bushes of various colours, gooseberry bushes, and peach and hazel trees.

We offer an opportunity for volunteers to learn about growing and tending soft fruits by organic methods. A beautiful outdoor place to help grow and tend fruit plants. In the harvesting season there will also plenty of yummy organic fruit to pick for selling, and for picking to eat, take away, cook and preserve.

Through 2019 we will be mainly clearing the overgrowth and weed roots, feeding and mulching the existing fruit plants.  In the autumn and spring we prune and take cuttings.

However much or little you want to do, we welcome you.


  • Wednesdays
  • Sundays

Sunday between 11am - 3pm during colder months and also on a Wednesday for a seasonally longer day from June - Sept


The number 78 bus goes to Stanmer or there is free parking  (which may change at Stanmer fairly soon). Please phone or text ahead of coming to ensure we are there and can meet you or give you adequate directions. It’s 10-minute walk from the village. We have use of a toilet on a nearby plot.


Lou or Sarah on 07752595566 or 07909618683

Stanmer Organic Fruits


Stanmer Organics

Stanmer Organics Fruits

Stanmer Organics, Brighton, UK

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