The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden in Hove is an award winning wildlife garden and vibrant community space.

We have developed a draft risk assessment for this project based on previous work and plan to develop this further through discussion with partners/ beneficiaries/ project steering group at the start of the funding. We would monitor this on an ongoing basis via quarterly monitoring processes and steering group meetings as well as via the BHFP board of directors which looks at risk as a standing agenda item.Located behind St Leonard’s Church in Hove this garden is abundant with raised beds growing a variety of vegetables, herbs and plants, a scented area, a wild area with a pond, shed, greenhouse and four bee hives. They have built a beautiful gazebo and restored the pathway and Willow arch in the garden.

They have an expanding band of volunteers who work to make the garden beautiful as well as productive.




  • Saturdays

Every Saturday at 11am, weather permitting


Access to the area is through the church grounds. The main path and adjoining beds are suitable for wheelchair users.

Who is it for?:

Open to all members of the community. The garden encourages children accompanied by their parents to work or play and enhance their knowledge of growing things and wildlife.


Telephone: 07811 538800





Behind St Leonards Church

The Secret Garden

Behind St Leonards Church

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