The Wild Mind Project

The Wild Mind Project provides emotional and mental wellbeing support to young people through nature activities such as wildlife conservation and gardening, combined with creative activities. A talking circle allows participants to breathe, connect and share personal and collective struggles within the safe boundaries of the group.

Their programmes can help to relieve anxiety, alleviate symptoms of depression and empower young people to cope with life’s challenges. Importantly, the young people develop a supportive peer network and are encouraged to join community projects, to experience the benefits of giving back to society or caring for the environment.

They run specific programmes for the young LGBTQ+ community, who are particularly vulnerable to mental ill-health.


  • Mondays
  • Tuesdays
  • Wednesdays
  • Thursdays
  • Fridays


Berny Simcox  07515 355 796


128 Hythe Road

The Wild Mind Project

128 Hythe Road, Brighton, BN1 6JS, UK

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