Wish Park Community Garden

Located in the park, the Wish Park Community Garden has a small orchard, pond and several raised veg beds.

The Wish Park Community Garden provides a visible public area for growing food, encouraging people to acquire knowledge and skills in growing produce for themselves. This garden enables people in the community to enjoy locally grown fresh produce, exercise outdoors and meet people in a friendly welcoming environment. This successful project is run entirely by volunteers. Produce is shared among those who work in the garden.



  • Wednesdays

Who is it for?:

All are welcome including helping children participate in and learn about the food cycle; providing opportunities for people of all ages, including those with mobility difficulties.


Telephone: 07864 676795

Email: sarahodair@hotmail.co.uk

Website: Friends of Wish Park Website


In Wish Park on the Saxon Road side

Wish Park Community Garden

In Wish Park on the Saxon Road side

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