Cook and Eat Well Workshops: Making good food with limited equipment and money

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  Tuesday 4 Feb 2020

  1:00 pm  - 2:30 pm

Run by The Brighton Nutritionist, Fran Taylor, this series of workshops is for people in temporary accommodation or who have limited equipment/money and aims to develop skills and confidence around cooking nutritious food with what’s available.

eggs being taken from a cartonMissing meals and going hungry is something that many people in temporary accommodation face. Lack of food, worrying about electricity and not feeling confident to cook are just some of the reasons that get in the way of eating well.

However, regularly skipping meals and not eating enough affordable, nutritious food affects how our body functions. From our mood & energy levels, to how susceptible we are to getting ill, and our chances of developing certain diseases. What we eat can help us to feel better and be healthier.

We hope that we can give you the confidence to cook more, be able to use different ingredients and learn what a balanced diet looks like.

Our monthly drop-in course will help you develop some life skills, get to grips with budgeting, know what to do with ingredients that get donated, and eat tasty food the makes you feel good with limited equipment, ingredients and money.

The sessions

Tuesday January 14th 1:00-2:30 pm: Cooking with limited equipment – Even with the most basic of equipment you can make some good food.

  • Learn how to make DIY pot noodles. Reece took part in a recent workshop and said, “that was the tastiest pot noodle I’ve ever had!”
  • Make a cheap and delicious bean chilli pilaf in a microwave.

Tuesday February 4th 1:00-2:30: Cooking with mince. It’s cheap, nutritious and versatile.

  • Learn how to batch cook and turn one pack of mince into four different meals.
  • Make spaghetti bolognese, chilli con carne, shepherd’s pie and spicy burritos.

Tuesday March 3rd 1:00-2:30: Cooking with eggs. They don’t need a fridge, they’re cheap and packed full of goodness.

  • Learn how to make a Spanish omelette which you can eat hot and save some for an easy leftover lunch.
  • Learn how to poach an egg
  • Make scrambled eggs in the microwave.

Booking instructions

Booking is essential. Please contact us to reserve your space.

Kate Donoghue, Project Support
Brighton & Hove Food Partnership
The Community Kitchen, 113 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XG / 01273 234810


113 Queens Rd
Brighton BN1 3XG

Cook and Eat Well Workshops: Making good food with limited equipment and money

113 Queens Rd, Brighton BN1 3XG, UK

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