Tips for buying meat, eggs and dairy

Our top tips when shopping for meat, eggs and dairy

1. Eat less but better

There is growing evidence to show that reducing the amount of meat and dairy products you eat can benefit both your health and the environment. The money you save from reducing the amount of meat and dairy you buy can be spent on improving the quality. Eating less but better can be fairer, greener, healthier and more sustainable, find out more from the Eating Better campaign.

2. Look at the label

Labels on packaging can be confusing as there are often a range of terms used which tell you how and where an animal was reared. Look for free-range chicken, poultry and eggs, free-range pork (or make sure it’s outdoor bred & reared) and grass-fed beef, lamb and dairy. Try to remember this when buying products containing meat, eggs and dairy too.

You can also look for these logos on the meat, eggs and dairy that you buy.     





3. Buy meat from your local butcher

Your local butcher can help you to choose cheaper, less used cuts of meat and give you advice on how to cook them. They can also tell you more about where the meat has come from. Unlike buying packaged meat in the supermarket, you can ask for specific quantities of meat in the butcher, helping you to reduce the quantity of meat in your recipes. Buying locally also means you’re investing in the local economy.

4. Buy direct from local farms

Support local farmers directly by ordering a meat box via their website (e.g. Saddlescombe Farm, Garlic Wood Farm) or buying from them at a farmers market.  Brighton Community Agriculture has two schemes in place where you can order a share of a sheep or pig with others from the community.

5. Try to remember your ethics when eating out

You might always buy an organic chicken for a roast dinner, or free-range eggs for your omelette but what about when you’re eating out? Don’t be afraid to ask staff in restaurants and sandwich bars whether meat and eggs are free-range, if it doesn’t match to what you would normally buy, then switch your order.

See our list of local butchers and meat suppliers.

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