My Kitchen: Five-week recipe for confidence and peace of mind

Helen uses a wheelchair and had long been dependent on her mother to cook her meals. She attended the five-week Cooking on a Budget course at the Community Kitchen.

Beetroot-Chocolate-Cake“Since doing the Cooking on a Budget course I feel happier and, as a result, my family are happier. They see Im more confident.  

Skillswise, I’ve developed massively. Id never fried before, and I couldn’t chop anything. I knew the theory behind everything, but I didn’t have the practical skills. Now I can use a knife safely and I can break eggs confidently. I never knew I could do these things and now I can. I’m not scared anymore.  

A whole new world of food has opened up to me. Everyone eats but I never thought deeply about it before. Now I have so many ideas of things to cook. I’m going to continue cooking at home, keep practising and learning more, and try something new every week.  

My favourite recipe on the course was the flatbreads. It was so simple so it’s strange that it’s that one. But before I was so scared of frying and now I know that frying is easy. It has broken a massive barrier.  

At home the most popular recipes for us have been the chocolate and beetroot cake, the savoury flapjacks and the omelette. 

“I’d relied on my mum for ages and now she can step back a bit. She feels more at ease because she knows I have the skills to cook. We lost my dad recently and that made me feel terrified that if anything happened to my mum I would literally starve. Now I know I can look after myself if anything happens to my family. 

“The course has made me feel so much better knowing that I’m going to be OK. It has given me a sense of peace. 

Please note that names in case studies have been changed. Read more case studies here.

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