Eat well as you age

Older people are more at risk of a poor diet, and Covid-19 may have increased the risk of undernutrition. So we have written a booklet, in partnership with the city’s Ageing Well Service, to provide information on what to eat to prevent undernutrition as we get older.

The booklet is for older people, their families, friends, carers and anyone who may be helping an older person make decisions about their diet and health. Where someone may not be eating enough to be healthy, the booklet can help spot the signs of undernutrition and suggest ideas to help prevent it.

The booklet gives advice on what to eat if appetite is low, plus some nutritious snacks. It has information on local support services, lunch clubs and alternatives to meals on wheels.

Sudden weight loss is not a normal part of ageing… If you are below a healthy weight or have a small appetite: choose full fat foods (not low fat or low sugar foods) and energy rich foods (eg avocado, peanut butter, full fat dairy), and make the most of every mouthful – fortify food with fats & proteins (eg adding dried milk powder, butter or cream).

Download our Eating Well as you Age booklet here. If you would like hard copies, we are distributing these via key partner organisations in the city. If your organisation would like to distribute copies to older people or their carers, please email or call 01273 234810.

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