‘Food – the Forgotten Medicine’ poster
Independent evaluation of the impact of a community based food programme.
473-BHFP-CookabilityA4-CaseStudy-V4a- FINAL
Stories from participants on our cookery leaders training course.
Raising Sugar Smart kids booklet
Application form Community Kitchen Volunteer
Application for cookery volunteers
Useful recipes for your baby's move to solid foods.
Breakfast Clubs: Healthy children and better learning
A guide for school Breakfast Clubs to help them encourage healthy eating, socialising and physical activity.
Brighton & Hove Food Poverty Action Plan 2015-18: Final progress report June 2018
Final progress report for the Brighton & Hove Food Poverty Action Plan 2015-2018
Case study: Food Poverty 2014
A joined up approach to food poverty in Brighton & Hove.
Case study: Food Poverty Action Plan 2016
A whole city approach to tackling food poverty.