Emergency Food Network

The Emergency Food Network is a collaboration of food banks and other organisations providing food to those in need because of food poverty.

A volunteer distributing food at a food bank

The Food Partnership has brought these organisations together to share common problems, learn from each other’s good practice and develop joint solutions.

These meetings have included:

  • Mapping food bank & emergency food provision in the city
  • Referrals into food banks: how people are referred in and who can refer
  • Referrals out of food banks: how people are signposted to advice
  • Advice and guidance offered within the food banks and stronger links with other advice services
  • Sharing information on increasing demand and how to address this.

Most food banks need a referral you can’t just turn up. Find out how to refer someone to a food bank here.

If you would like to join the Emergency Food Network please email Shelley Taylor on shelley@bhfood.org.uk or call 07935481677.

COVID-19 Info for people giving out emergency food

Please see resources below for current food banks and hubs.

Health and Safety advice for anyone giving out emergency food: Guidance for Safe Food Handling for voluntary groups during COVID-19 pandemic dated 27.03.20

For anyone considering moving to delivering hot or refrigerated food: Food_takeaway_guidance_FINAL.01

A risk assessment which is not a definitive list, but to be amended and added to a current risk assessment for an organisation: DRAFT Risk Assessment Coronavirus Community Food Hubs

A form which can be used for people working with staff and volunteers: Disclaimer for staff and volunteers


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