Becoming a Veg City

Making a pledge for more veg

We’re working to help everyone in the city eat more veg! In 2017, Brighton & Hove City Council made a joint pledge with Brighton & Hove Food Partnership (BHFP) to become a pioneer Veg City. This commitment is part of the national Peas Please initiative launched by the Food Foundation.

Why veg?

We all need to be eating at least one extra portion of veg a day. Many of us, including children, are eating hardly any veg at all. We should be eating 3.5 portions/400g of veg per day but 80% of children, 95% of teenagers and 80% of adults are not reaching that target. People on lower incomes eat half a portion less. Our veg consumption is in decline and is no better than it was in the 1970s, in spite of the 5-A-Day campaign. Read the Food Foundation’s Veg Facts briefing and the Peas Please Pledge and Commitments Framework

Locally, we are committed to reducing the inequalities that also exist here: fewer than 50% of 8-11 year-old pupils from the most deprived areas eat their five-a-day compared with over 90% in the least deprived areas. Our Peas Please activity will help to address this.

We pledge to play our part to help everyone in Britain to eat an extra portion of veg per day

Brighton & Hove Peas Please pledge

Multiple organisations are playing their part, collectively committing to tackling these key actions:

  • We will work with public and private sector caterers who serve over 1.5 million meals a month, to serve an extra portion of veg with each meal.
  • We will run training for chefs and cooking classes for the public to make veg the star of the plate.
  • We will promote veg eating in schools and nurseries alongside our Sugar Smart work.
  • We will promote the uptake of Healthy Start Vouchers to help low income families with young children buy fresh or frozen veg.
  • We will work with developers to include spaces for food growing and access to places where residents can buy veg within new developments.

Read the full citywide Peas Please action plan 2017-2020. Our actions are being nationally monitored by the Food Foundation, as part of the Peas Please initiative, and by Sustain who are coordinating the Veg Cities campaign which is the focus campaign for 2018-19 for Sustainable Food Cities.


Veg Power

Veg Power is a marketing fund created by Peas Please that will use the top people in the advertising industry to create impactful, innovative digital campaigns aimed at children.

Veg Cities will tap into the resources coming out of Veg Power to help promote vegetables locally.


Blogs and useful resources

Taking a citywide approach to helping everyone eat more veg

Making a pledge for more veg

Taking on food waste with veg power pots

Useful resources to encourage kids to eat their veg: Reward charts; Activity sheets

We offer a wide variety of cookery courses at our Community Kitchen, including some amazing Veggie Feasts courses.

We are also running a series of Peas Please workshops for food businesses. If you are interested in applying for a place on any of the following workshops, please get in touch with

  • Early Years workshop – Wednesday 21st November 2018, 2-4.30pm: Focus on childcare providers in Whitehawk, Moulsecoomb, Hangleton & Portslade. Theme: Getting veg into snacks, desserts & breakfasts.
  • Secondary schools / caterers workshop – March 2019: Focus on secondary schools, colleges, universities and other caterers in large organisations. Theme: Innovative grab’n’go veggie options.
  • Food outlets and takeaways workshop – June 2019: Focus on takeaways near to schools / community events. Theme: Making veg cool/appealing to kids/teenagers with cheap, easy to make options that will sell well.

Sustainable Food Cities has some resources on their website which includes a series of webinars around becoming a Veg City and other related actions:

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