Gold Food City Bid

Help Brighton & Hove become a GOLD Sustainable Food City

In 2015, Brighton & Hove was the first UK city to be awarded the Silver Sustainable Food Cities Award. It’s now time to ‘Go for Gold’! 

We are calling on individuals, schools, food businesses and organisations to join forces and take action to help Brighton and Hove become the UK’s first Gold Sustainable Food City – a place where everyone has access to good food and a healthy, sustainable and fair food system.

Find out more about actions and commitments that have been pledged as part of the city’s gold bid.

Why is this important?

With climate change and biodiversity loss happening at an alarming rate, we need to take action now. What we eat, how we farm and fish, and the food we waste all play a key role in climate change. Around 30% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the food system, and a third of the food we produce goes to waste.  Intensive farming and fishing methods are the main drivers of biodiversity loss.

In 2018, the city of Brighton & Hove declared a climate emergency. It’s clear that many people in the city are keen to play their part in tackling climate change. By working together and taking a whole-city approach, our actions can have a greater impact on averting the climate crisis and in creating a fair and sustainable food system in which everyone can access food that’s good for people and the planet.

How you can take action

Individuals, schools, food businesses and organisations can all play their part and turn actions into gold.

Take action as an individual

Take action as a school

Take action as a food business

Take action as an organisation

Shout about what you’re doing

Share what actions you are taking on social media using #goldfoodcitybid to inspire others and show how much good work is happening in our city.  Please remember to tag in @btnhovefood.

⇒ Use our Gold Food City Bid toolkit for individuals and toolkit for organisations to show you are supporting the bid.

If you’d like further information please contact us.

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