My Kitchen: ‘My confidence has rocketed!’

Scott attended a Healthy Hearts course at the Community Kitchen with his support worker Sue. He wanted to learn how to cook and find out about a healthier lifestyle.

Scott says:

“I liked everything about the course – the food and learning skills, but also meeting new people. I really liked the staff and colleagues. I learnt knife skills and really enjoyed chopping the vegetables. I’ve made the muffins and the pizzas many times since the course. I make healthy choices now – salads from Aldi, not crisps any more.

“I feel more confident in myself and less depressed. My confidence has rocketed! I’m now doing a ‘back to work’ scheme. I want a part-time kitchen or bar job.

“I’d highly recommend the course and would do another course in a heartbeat. Please do more!”

Sue says:

“Scott has much more confidence and now knows to use oven cloths and has a good awareness of kitchen safety. The recipes were really useful and easy to follow, and Scott uses the recipes as visual aids for going shopping now.”

Please note that names in case studies have been changed. Read more case studies here.

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